Christina Rose Jewelry
Christina Rose Jewelry Specializing In Contemporary Jewelry - Raw Quartz Crystal - Express Your Inner Beauty With Natural Gemstones.

Christina Rose Jewelry
Specializing In Contemporary Jewelry - Raw Quartz Crystal - Express Your Inner Beauty With Natural Gemstones.

~Each day is a joy! I love the work, every aspect of it. Designing the jewelery. Styling the pieces for the photography. The photos are always a challenge and surprise for me. I try to invent something that suits the mood of each piece. Something as original as the piece of jewelery itself.

~I specialize in contemporary statement rings. I am expanding on the ideas within each line as I go along. The primary two collections are:
✿ AVAUNT GUARD - Statement rings in raw crystal or pure natural gemstones. Some are just a little bit dangerous for the woman who knows what she wants. The other have a exotic beauty for the women who is pure of spirit and believes in her own natural beauty.
✿ CLASSIC GEMSTONE - A delight of saturated colorful gemstones in classic minimal settings. There is a wide range to choose from, both in the selection of gemstones and the design. I am especially fond of the bold modern round rings with a crescent band and a big gemstone. Then there are smaller delicate rings perfect for a gift or everyday.

~I have four shops. All are under the brand name "Christina Rose Jewelry" . These venues carry my handmade one of a kind, as well as limited edition pieces. Have a question the best way to reach me is via email at, not threw the phone no.

~I think about my customer as I design and love to hear from you. I feel connected to my customer when I carefully package up their merchandise myself and you'll always get a special note from me thanking you personally for stopping by my little shop in my corner of the web. Feel good about what you bought. You have supported the artistic community and your the only one who has this piece. You are involved in making the world a better place in your support of the arts!

~I run a eco friendly work shop and am passionate about supporting other handmade artists. Stop by my shop and give me your thoughts, I am always looking to improve & respond to my visitors insights. Take care and see you later my friend.

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