Christina Rose Jewelry
Christina Rose Jewelry Specializing In Contemporary Jewelry - Raw Quartz Crystal - Express Your Inner Beauty With Natural Gemstones.

Hello, my name is Christina. Currently this is a one person business. I do the design & construction. As well as most of the photography. The focus is on raw gemstones & geometric shapes. What really inspires me is creating value for my clients. By value I mean products that can be used to enhance your everyday life. Fine jewelry in solid brass & sterling silver with clear gemstones of quartz & herkimer diamonds. These can be worn to the office & out for the evening or weekend. In clean geometric shapes that flatter your features. I also make large showstopper pieces in bright colors. I feel jewelry can enhance, not just your wardrobe, but how your perceived by others. It lets your express your creativity & individuality. Jewelry can make a powerful statement about who you are. I know my clients are busy & may not have time to go threw my full collection or read every description. Another way I add value is you can contact me threw any of my platforms like etsy, my web site or social media & ask for a jewelry consultation. We can also talk by phone. I will work with you to select the pieces that best suit your lifestyle. Always feel free to ask a ton of questions about a product your considering. Take your time. Think of me as a advisor. I do whats best for you. Soon I will be listing boxes of jewelry for the busy woman. Each with 5 of my best pieces designed to work together. I value your insights. Contact me with your ideas, suggestions, improvements or what your like to see more of. I am thrilled when you ask for a custom made piece! Lets begin the journey of creating things just for you. It's been nice getting to know you. Lets talk again soon :) Christina COPYRIGHT AND TRADEMARK Buyers do note that: A Purchase of one of my Christina Rose Jewelry pieces does not relinquish copyright ownership. All designs are copyrighted and trademarked. Images with designs sent to US copyright office bi-monthly before publication. All writing, designs photography and styling or any other intellectual copyrighted materials are exclusively owned by Christina Rose Jewelry LLC. Unauthorized use of any of these materials is subject to legal action.